Information on the serie Sherley SHERLY

Film 1
Marcyvilliers, Mediterranean city, will host for three days, of a cultural festival, where several artists will occur.
The musicians of the group Sherley Sherly give performances at the weekend cafe, and concerts during the school holidays. They are environmental issues. (…).
Several actions are taking place from Paris to London, via the United States and Central Asia, in Sherley SHERLY and the Enigmes of Oxus.
The group Sherley Sherly Show, will be invited by Edouard Langlois, the director of the World Conference on NTCT, new technologies and equipment and in three dimensions to be held in Paris in the district of La Defense. (…)
These young people will also know the dangerous world of the Oxus and they quickly understand that the stakes depend for their survival, inside and outside the world.
The revelation of the existence of the Oxus world will trigger the arrival of the forces of evil, and uncontrollable.
The Cerberus are back!