Sherley Sherly. Scenario 4. The reconstruction

Sherley Sherly. Scenario 4. The reconstruction

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Here is the first part of an article 1 on the series Sherley Sherly, entitled: The reconstruction

chase police helicopter

This is an extract:

An hour later, intrigued by a car that plunged his property, Garden looked again in his surveillance system. A car with tinted windows stopped in front of the gate.
Two people went down (…)
Sherley Sherly approaching the property.
– No body is there!
Under the porch, a pestilential smell.
Behind a sofa with holes, they saw two dead rats filled with insect.
– Sherley took the handkerchief placed under his nose.
– Let us go!
The Bikerman followed and suddenly stopped. Then he chuckled
– You see dead animals and you laugh? Do not tell me that you become insensitive?
– Garden shows thee, and opens to us Cried Bikerman impatient.
– I get it; the wind blows away the bodies, so it’s a very ingenious olfactory diffusion system which is broadcast in the air.
– Go Mfr. He is very strong tone ploy to frighten intruders … You’ll not even when putting out your old friends?
They approached cautiously. (…)
– We need you.
Sherley Sherly had to pick up the pieces with each member of his team. For this she had the means to try to address it. Five months had passed and that the group had broken.
– I have a message to Lucie. Listen to it please. Then you will decide.
– Why is not she coming?
– You know what is happening to her friend? (…)
– Yes, and I am very sad. (…)
They settled in an alcove. The three friends quarreled for a while.. (…)
– I am almost ruined since we stopped everything. I live only job to continue my research. Sherley you owe me money, do you know?
– Yes, and I’m sorry. I was betrayed. I have no control over the group and I needed to fix it. (…) But for now it is only secondary.
– Secondary? I expect my check with four zeros that go with it. If I am prohibited banking and I had to borrow big. Now I have to pay to men not very clear.
– Where do you know?
– Cunningham relations. The fact is that one? And the daughter Kytty Bloom?
Bikerman embarrassed quickly looked away and stood up, pretending to be interested in his material (…).
As for Sherley, he could not help but put her hand over her mouth, she took off quickly.
– What is going on? When we talk Cunningham, everyone flees me. Lately Soleily downright hung up on me. (…)
– Fabrice, you must show you a video of Lucie Richard.
– It interests me. She can send her choreography to what remains of our supervisor (…)
– Look over there and you will understand, insisted Sherley.
Lucia is in great danger. (…)

The publication article n°1 of the scenario 4: “Sherley Sherly and the Curse of Xiam”, in the site:

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