Sherley Sherly. Scenario 4. Chapter 5.The pitfalls

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Here’s a new extract of the series.

The difficulties are piling on the musician group Sherley Sherly Show .. Here is a short excerpt from another Chapter 5, entitled: The pitfalls.


Dreamstate by Yvan Feusi


This is the extract:
At eight thirty in the evening in a luxurious property in the French Riviera, businessmen and Chinese New Yorker were discussing in a nicely decorated room. A large panel covering a podium, three wall flags adorned the far wall.
One is China, the other the United States and the last caste clan Willetter dynasty of the great American gold miners, who collaborated with the gold rush, to the possession of branches of architectures.
In a cozy living room on the first floor, three men sat in comfortable armchairs, finished their appetizers.
– Profits soared damn, boasted Geoffroy Lehár, 53, director of marketing, consulting the data of its European subsidiaries on its tablet. I hope that you mention in your speech, Aston.
– Do not worry. Your service will also be highlighted. You and Jonathan you have worked perfectly in the New Year.
– We have new products that might interest NASA. (…)
– You will unveil plans? (…)
– Someone… (…)
– Here is news; said Carl Weston entered the room.
He took out a bundle of newspapers and tossed them on a table.
Men exclaimed and took the papers by reading aloud a few items.
The headlines announced:
– “The group Sherley Sherly show musicians dissolved … If is the end of Sherley Sherly Show … Dissolution of Sherley Sherly Show! Their Fans are annihilated.
The New Horizon complex will be sold…”
– Fantastic! It was time!
– A thorn under our feet were abducted, now!.(…)

Suddenly a woman in long evening dress burst into the room.
– Sweetheart, you’re gorgeous!
She handed him a notebook in shimmering coating of small diamonds.
– Our son is in the unit.
– Which? The hard worker or troublemaker?
– Sorry?
– Good passes me, says the grumpy man by taking away the phone hands.
– Father, you cannot do that! Cried a young voice.
The man pointed his finger at the ground, which amused his colleagues.
– A moment Clifford, he said, then addressing his associates.
– Gentlemen, my wife will take you to the large living room or you can eat. I arrive in a minute.
The men rose. Before continuing the conversation, he sat down on a couch to take a cigar and light it..

– I thought you were in the United States? He continued making circles with smoke.
– Father, I am in Paris tomorrow night, I would be Marcyvilliers. I do not agree with your methods.
– What do you mean?
– You dropped the group. Your speech is inappropriate! You have attempted to exploit them and extort.
– Whoa! Your accusations are extremely serious, and indeed without any evidence.
– Your speech is inappropriate! You better help them! Replied the young man very angry.
– Enough Clifford! Stop accusing me of all your misfortunes. When will you take your life in hand? At 22 I no longer lived in my father’s hook
– You have a choice: you are with our group, or against the group. But in that case…

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