Glacial universe. Poetic Letter

Dear readers,

Here is a poetic letter entitled “Glacial universe”, which has just started new writings that you find in the calendar of publications.


Science Fiction Serie

“Glacial universe”

The universe is vast
When I look at the stars
Huddled in my spacecraft,

My thoughts are drowned
As in this maze, crawling
Glacial universe,

I have not forgotten my roots
Those of my birth, my friends
On my beautiful planet Earth,

The time seems so long
Not to see you, protect you
Touch you and love you,

The next cycle comes
I will come flooding your heart
Happiness too long, braked,

I’ll bring you food, and seeds
From planets looted or visited
To cure thousands of bodies,

Our large teams fought,
With courage and zeal,
Monsters were deployed,

Worship places have disappeared,
Darkness covers the spaces
I strongly expect the repair cycle.

Inspired on the Volume 4 “Sherley Sherly and the Curse of Xiam”

Much thanks for your loyalty.

Calendar Joëlle Jean-Baptiste – Author

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