Sherley Sherly. Scenario 4. Chapter 12.The Infamy.

Dear readers,

After a period of intense writings of the fantastic series, reprints of the publications will continue in the year to come with the publications of the various fantastic tales in 2017.

You will find an extract of the last volume of the fantastic serie Sherley SHERLY “Sherley Sherly and the Curse of Xiam” The Infamy.

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Here is an excerpt.

Thierry D’Ambroise returned to his post after painful hospital convalescence. He was coming out of a deep coma. He had to take a series of medicines following his surgery. (…).
He whistled back into the building, determined to reiterate a salary increase to his chief Ryan Farlton, Auxiliary Commissioner of Scotland Yard.

His boss called him to the premises that morning. The policeman expected a pleasant reward and especially a promotion. (…)

His chief was waiting for him in an office reserved for press attaches. D’Ambroise entered impressed before a parterre of several officers.
There was no one in the room. He looked around for his friends. (…)

“Commandant d’Ambroise, do you know why we have summoned you here?”
– Yes. I solved the case of computer hackers. But I am surprised not to see those who accompanied me.(…)

“Officers Belloy and Green have gone back to their jobs,” Farlton said harshly.
– I do not understand why?

When he saw his chief leave the room, leaving him with four superiors, he suspected that the accusation would be most odious. (…)

The publication article n°12 of the scenario 4: “Sherley Sherly and the Curse of Xiam”, in the site:

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