News from the tale

Dear readers,

This tale started a long time ago is now complete.

Tale N°1 Flora Byton and the Spellcaster

You will find a presentation of it, as well as an extract from chapter 1 in the new site of magic tales:

This fabulous tale propels us to the Eastern European country when extraordinary phenomena unfold.

The peaceful life of the inhabitants of Orzely, a remote village in a distant land of Poland, will be turned upside down.

The terrible and monstrous spellcaster, Wladyslaw Tepes, Romanian prince of darkness from the land of Mount Moldoveanu, seals the fate of living beings in his path.

 How will Flora Byron, a shy 13-year-old girl bullied by her peers, cope with adversity?

In what ways will Flora and her faithful friend Jerzy Bovery confront evil individuals to save the people of their country?

The Spellcaster seizes Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian lands, displaying an immeasurable thirst for power.

You discover a magical tale, taking the direction of the countries of Eastern Europe.

Read an excerpt from chapter 1 on the site

Fortunalia – Notebooks of Magical Tales

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