Poetic Letter: Overcome obstacles

The enemy advances without mercy …

When in the distance, evil begins,

Let’s watch it, in silence,

In the evening, let’s look for his tracks,

By opening our opaque windows.

Tenacious, terrorized by fear,

Hoping for outside help,

In a disproportionate nature,

To the markers, camouflaged killers.

Pushed by the rivers of armed cherubs,

In the light of day breaking through the darkness,

Brave dangers and arduous storms,

Let us tame and save the lost souls.

Neither right nor faith is strong,

No prophecies under cover of blood,

Stop these dark monsters,

Guided by our victorious purpose.

Then our people will win their freedom.

Vince Clayron.

Speech to the Nation.

Procurator and instructor of the 798th Soul Legion of Diamont Scrale.

Inspiration from a character from the Sherley Sherly series

Book 4 Sherley Sheryl and the Guild of Gold Price.

December 20

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