Poetic Letter: Fight for his happiness

Dear readers,

Happy New Year 2019.

This is a new Poetic Letter entitled “Fight for his happiness”.

Fight for his happiness

Faced with capricious happiness

Do not force yourself to patronize

The vile, pretentious humans

Similar to rabid animals



Attached to their chain of grudges

One of them breaks off and escapes

Trying to destroy the pure being

Sharp jaws and fangs ahead



We must continue his destiny

Conserve sustainably for your well-being

Arm yourself to protect our loved ones

Determined, without any weakness



In action, with our weapons and strength

Let’s pierce our cowardly enemies,

Which are revealed without substance,

Empty, like ghosts of another time.



After a few months of writing, here is the resumption of serial publications, fantastic tales. Best regards.

Calendar published



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