Sherley Sherly. Scenario 4. Chapter 15 The secret mission

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The writings continue.
And here is an excerpt from Volume 4 of the Sherley Sherly series. Sherley Sherly and the Curse of Xiam, entitled The Secret Mission.

Here is an excerpt.

“In a small Oregon town, in the Shere Hills, Damon Cramson was looking out the window overlooking Thristfer’s central square. At twenty-five, his life seemed as sad as the rain that had been tirelessly falling for two days.
Early that morning, surrounded by five armed police, wrapped in an orange parka, wearing a helmet and protective gloves, he was taken out of prison. He entered the court anguish.

After six months spent in isolation cell, ultra-secure, the man considered dangerous, appeared to be sobering. Moreover, he responded to the orders without questioning them. However, it was removed from any computer, especially depriving it of radio receiver and TV.
Surrounded by police officers on their guard, anxious, he was awaiting the decision of Judge Mikael Göncz, known for its firmness, and on its final judgment.

Damon Cramson wanted to get out of this bad patch. He hoped not to return to the rat hole of his cell, where he had languished for months.
A sound of heels echoed down the hall. Her lawyer, Carole Hampt, in her forties, rushes in and stops in front of him with a big smile.
– Do not worry, Mr. Thomson, a solution is looming this time.
– What do you mean?
– I will ask you to speak very briefly. And especially to keep your cool. This judge is renowned for its harshness, do not provoke it.
Shortly after, they entered the magistrate’s office. Damon remembered their last interview. He had rushed at him by gripping him by the collar of his shirt, while he was reproaching him for specific facts (…) by saying:
– You look like a disjointed puppet!

Today he was handcuffed in front of him. The judge looked at him disdainfully.

The judge took the sheet.
– A deposit of four hundred thousand dollars has been paid. (…)
– Who paid for it? Damon wondered.
– Your lawyer will tell you. My assistant will have you sign the papers about the steps of your immediate exit.
“Thank you, sir,” said the lawyer, holding out her hand.

Vexed, he avoided it by pretexting another hearing to come, then, went quickly in the office opposite.
Damon, coming out of the room, was surprised at the sentence. While he was to continue his two years in prison, he did, six months for good behavior, and enjoyed early release.
– Who paid for it?
– This is a deposit paid by Mr Harvet Sangin.
“I do not know him,” said Damon.

Who could offer him such a gift? And in what interest? This name did not tell him anything that was worth it.”

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