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Article 9: Intrigues. The dangerous experiment

Here is an extract:

Sherley got up and walked to the entrance of meeting room. She opened a computer and hit different codes.
– Ricardo Firzy? Sherley asked.
– Ricardo Firzy refused access, an electronic voice replied. No member of Wesss and Sherley Sherly Show.
– Fabrice, takes care to withdraw its accreditation, I want to see him, she said without looking.
Yann Cunningham walked past Ricardo shrugged and eyes in amazement.
– Sorry for you old, you’re going too far with the chef.
Ricardo went furious.
– I will not let me do it! I have rights in this team! He inveighed, slamming the door.

An hour later he found himself in the office of his uncle.
Donatien Firzy, back in his chair the warm welcome.
– How’s the head of the class? I thought you were working in the futuristic large-scale experiment?

– I would return to my group Sherley Sherly show.
– What? How? She finally fired you? Ha! Ha! Ha!
– I see that this is at least someone happy, replied Ricardo bruised.
– I think it’s the best thing to happen to you. And you just are whining in my company? Are not you ashamed?
– I do not come whining but ask you to do something.
– Do you think I have as much power as one who has built the Think up Zen?
– You possess half the city! Ricardo screamed and the region is at your feet!
– Ola! I have small feet, but I put them on larger. Sherley and is at the top of the boots. And I do not want to venture to save your skin!
– When did you do?
– You have a short memory. You made me take risks with your stories GMOs and ozone layer would the trunk! My companies have been penalized and yet scrupulously followed, in The Riddle of Oxus?
Ricardo discovered that his uncle had big against him and seemed to settle accounts
– I feel that you have resentment vis-à-vis me.
His uncle stared at him hard.
– You remember me at your age. Arrogant when you stand before others, sure to win every time even when the dice are loaded, short, a little boy spoiled.

Ricardo contains. He was fuming but he swallowed his anger.

– Work it up! And will wash our honor rather making you rehire in the group. I’d lose big and the city too. You’re like a little spy in this network,
– It’s pathetic what you say.
– But you hold shares in the group, huffed the young man.
– This is not my problem. I do not attack me with Sherly in your place. Money is not everything. Do you know that there are more powerful than money?
– What?
– Influence. I broke my teeth on influence. I recall that Sherly have links with the company (…) and society (…) you. I lost two big financial contracts. . I assure you I am still dead fingers. Yes this girl of 19 years has more power than me! But it’s between you and me. It is two to find out.
– You weigh more than $ 3 billion uncle! I do not understand.
– If you turned, trying to go back, not the front door, but by mouse-hole. But it will be without my interference.
Ricardo slumped in a chair, haggard look.
His uncle continued
– By the way, your accreditation in my various companies are also finish. And at home, you no longer have any right pass. Only your room and some public areas. My office, meeting rooms, basically all the administrative side you will now be denied access. So I recommend you to quickly settle this situation, otherwise I’ll give you fifteen days.
– Or what?
– Or I suggest you put yourself green.
Stunned by the harsh words that were sinking into his senses such as razor blades, tears rolled down his cheeks, he avoided wiping.
– In green? Asked in a dark voice student musician.
– Yes! Leave the country. That said, I’m not a monster. I have a subsidiary in Canada that you will be happy to accommodate you. The only problem sometimes 15 degrees in summer.
– Ha! Ha! Laughed his uncle, turning his back.

Humiliated by the attitude of his uncle, Ricardo quickly left the room. He still had a way to fold the group. (…)
He returned to his room, opened a drawer double bottom.
He hesitated between a revolver or a long dagger.

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