The strength of a lion. Poetic letter

Dear readers,

This is an excerpt of a new poetic letter entitled:

Nice woman and lion
The strength of a lion.

I remember this soothsayer
Me predicting our distance
I could not believe it yet
The years have proved him right

I will not return backwards
I have suffered mistakes of the past
With all of your wickedness
Harmful, are your ulterior motives

You try to reestablish contact
It is billions upon this earth
Looking for another prey
Get thee away from my estate

I have become like a lion
Dominating the jungle
With a fierce desire
Protect the weak beings (…)

The poetic letter is on the site of poetry: The free thoughts



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5 replies

  1. This post reminds me so much of a past affair I am happy to be rid of. I love the strength here. The originality of your blog is fascinating.Thank you for following Anything is Possible!

  2. very nice! Love your poetic letters!

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