A castaway at liberty. Poetic letter

Dear readers,
Here is an extract of new poetic letter entitled:

Pretty wife and dangerous panther
A castaway at liberty

Sometimes you have to let the storm
Avoiding howl with the wild beasts
To overcome the high waves
Unchained of the sea

Previously, I would have fought the evil
Head down, raising his fist
Against injustice and falsehood,
Without staying in the illusions

Now, I act in wisdom
Staring and by bypassing the evil
By doing go crazy, whoever is listening
That those who speak as last (…)

The poetic letter is on the site of poetry: The free thoughts


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4 replies

  1. Thank you for the amazing poetry. I will return later and read more. Alive and powerful words.

  2. Very inspiring poem, Joëlle. Very empowering.

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