Sherley Sherly. Scenario 3. Caught in the trap

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Here is a new article 3 of the film series Sherley Sherly, entitled: Caught in the trap


Caught in the trap

The police commander D’Ambroise was in the gear. He could not back down.
His chief, Farlton, was a small pebble in its path. He was going around it without crashing. When he spoke, he felt only contempt.
But Ambrose knew how contain. And he knew it excited to be on the wire. He fell asleep at once.

The next day, Thierry D’Ambroise and Cedric Tasman found themselves to refine their strategy. (…) A team of Scotland Yard and the Tasman Cedric service of Crim ‘of Paris, perfectly coordinated.

The group is preparing for the attack (…)
– I want you active information about him.
He showed him a picture of a man and scanned immediately on its player.
– You will have the result within an hour, said the policeman.
– We need to intervene in the Paris area by helicopter. The group was identified who owns the radioactive product (…) which is concealed.
– Chief, we will take before the Slovak.
– They also have interests?
– Yes and the radioactive material is then it is in contact with the (… °).

D’Ambroise went on board the helicopter with determination, the pursuit was begun. (…)

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  1. wow! Amazing!! Amazing!! I like your style!!

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