Ti-Cœur ANGEL and the Zombi of the Carnival

Dear readers,
You can read soon, the first of five chapters of the Ti-Coeur Angel series, before publication in a few months. You will be able to travel to the Caribbean, discovering this fantastic series with new characters in this release entitled:

Ti-Coeur Angel and the zombie of the carnival.


Beautiful sea

This is an extract:

“About two o’clock in the morning, Ti-Coeur Angel was not sleepy. He left the room, walking on tiptoe, careful not to wake his grandparents.
He decided to take his young dog, Alpaga. Anyway, he had no choice. If he left without him, it would certainly stir and awaken the household.
Ti-Coeur was not allowed out at night. If his grandfather surprised him, he would pass a very bad time and would be punished. (…)
– Come, let’s have a look!
With one bound, the animal out of his cart and stir in all directions.
– Alpaga, stop your circus!
The dog calmed down immediately.
Ti-Coeur took a jacket, and walked to the door of the garden. They left in the direction of the wood, barely illuminated by the moon, and went to the property Vallier. It was the second time they did this night walk.

They went into the rainforest (…). Alpaga suddenly plunged into tree ferns.
– Alpaga, no time to play!
Ti-Coeur was struggling to follow.
Ti-Coeur did not want to risk losing it, and immediately put him on a leash.
Then they came to a road lined with heliconias. They walked the path and came to a huge colonial building.

They approached a sliding cover. Ti-Coeur unblocked a latch to open the shutters.

Ti-Coeur walked into the library of Edward Vallier, to borrow some books. He had spotted a title: “The art of making carnival costumes?”.
He opened took from his pocket a plastic bag which he unfolded and placed three books. Suddenly intrigued by a thin booklet stuck between two large works, when pulled over to take it, Ti-Coeur was surprised to hear a noise in the back of the room.
Intrigued, he approached. One compartment was cut from a marble slab. “(…)

Chapter 1 is the site: Ti-Coeur Angel

Here is the page of the presentation of Volume 1.

Thank you for your loyalty.

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  5. Ti-Cœur ANGEL and the Zombi of the Carnival

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