Sherley Sherly. Scenario 3. The disturbing provocation.

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Here is a new article 2 of the film series Sherley Sherly, entitled: the disturbing provocation.

Attenting in the reunion

The disturbing provocation.
During the meeting, who took place at La Defense in Paris, the police commander Thierry D’Ambroise of Scotland Yard and the police inspector Cedric Tasman, who worked at the Quai des Orfèvres, lost no time and exchanged in showing their file folders on their respective informatics tablet.
– It’s a real treasure hunt across Europe and Latin America, said Tasman. I wish I give you an appointment in my office, because I have more elements.
– Tell me everything, cut D’Ambroise, impatient.
– We have a whole family that disappeared. The father died five years ago and to ask his wife to keep it in a device. (…) There is a week of this; the widow realized that the sums of money were taken from their joint account.
– And you think it’s my responsibility? Wondered D’Ambroise bored. (…)
– Well, her husband has a mask on the body, like an unknown, says D’Ambroise septic. No, Tasman, your case does not interest me. (…)
Suddenly, a young woman, a pretty brunette, in a blue silk dress, stopped before D’Ambroise and asked.
– Hello Commander, here is an important issue that you forgot before leaving London.
The woman handed her a USB stick shaped magnetic card.
– Have I the honor to meet you? Asked D’Ambroise, in the unknown while taking the object.
She did not answer
– Mr Tasman, how are you?
– Mrs Mills. What a change of look.
– Debra? It is not you! Where are your red hairs?
– I have to leave; I was not supposed to come to Paris, Commander.
She quickly walked away and went to sit in a chair on the side of the Australian delegation.
(…) Thirty minutes passed, when a voice announced:
– “We are pleased to welcome the Farlton inspector.”
D’Ambroise looked at the stage.
– What is he doing here? Wondered, Cedric Tasman. Your boss told you rightly said that it remained in London.
– This does not bode well, ‘said D’Ambroise by quietly cracking his knuckles. (…)

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