Chapter 3 of the tale is known, the spearhead.

Hi dear readers. Publications of the fantastic tale Japanese, continue during the month of March. Sunday, March 6, will be published the first part of Chapter No. 3. Indeed, Emi Kane, had hides the samurai, in the apartment, of the library where she works as an apprentice. And it is far more dangerous, she imagined. He did not intend to leave the place, empty-handed.
Jun Wataru, the small merchant, friend of Emi, will bear the brunt of the decisions of the soldier. The Japanese will try to help.
The tea ceremony will start in very special circumstances. Following this Sunday at the site of stories:
Emi Kane, and the incantations of the Shogun in Edo.
Sunday, March 6, Chapter 3: the spearhead.
Reading chapters 1-2 of the tale N°5.

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