Fantastic tale, Emi Kane. Chapter 4,“LO SHU, the magic square.”

Dear readers,

Here is the publication of Part 1, Chapter 4 of the tale, « Emi Kane and the Sacred Wisteria of the Shogunate,» entitled “LO SHU, the magic square.”


Fantasy fighter

This is an excerpt:
“Meanwhile, Donna Lingfug the little apprentice librarian, did not understand what was happening. She regained her senses and thought her was not prudent. She remember being followed using the library, Ms. Chiko, then assaulted her. She was now gagged in a room of the library.
She looked around her. On a skylight filtered sunlight. She realized she was in the old room repairs manuscripts.
She had been through a partition, hinder the hands and feet, and leave in a dark corner.
She was suffocating.
Who put me in this place? And why? She feared the worst now she saw what he should not see the day in the garden. She remembered his secret. She might be in danger.
She wished that she had not said more Emi Kane of his discovery.
Suddenly, the door creaked. Someone approached her in the dark. (…)
She felt excruciating pain when something is back in his ankle.”

The rest of the publication is on the site: Fortunalia. Book of Magical Tales.

Thank you for your loyalty.


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