Fantastic tale, Emi Kane. Chapters 6 and 7, The unexpected guests.

Dear readers,

Here are the publication of the Chapters 6 & 7 of the tale, « Emi Kane and the Sacred Wisteria of the Shogunate » entitled “The unexpected guests.”

By Ruoxin Zhang

“Lord and Master Hayao Kazuhisa Gen archivist of Amaterasu library, was edgy. His future was hanging by a thread. It was necessary to revise its plans to act; instead of undergoing a situation he mastered bad.
He summed up the events by speaking aloud.
In my own library, I cannot control student apprentices, and soldiers who were available to me by the governor of the province.
First, there was this strange fire of the house mizuya.
Then, the disappearance of valuable books, including the fabulous Lo Shu of the powerful lord, Kanemort. Then this cheeky apprentice Emi Kane escapes my commander soldiers and in abusing of lied, her friends Miyu Hina and including the smallest of my apprentices, Donna Lingfug, so vulnerable.
The servants of Shimazu Nariakira should not know the loss of Lo Shu as my mission was to deliver them before the restore of the Lord Kanemort.
Overwhelmed, he left his meditation space, opened a cupboard, and entered into a secret room, the repair of rare books from the library Amaterasu.
He walked to a window where presentations were made treasures. He gently pulled out a large manuscript and opened it to the page of the Lo Shu. Gently, he pulled out a slip. Seated at an oval table, two apprentice boys seemed perfectly master the preparation of a diagram.
The assistant librarian, Ms. Fumi Chico, had the good idea to put them in competition. The first two who successfully make a Lo Shu, would be entitled to grants. (…)
The Gokenin came and took a magnifying glass and examined the work of apprentices.
He was very disappointed.
– You do not see that the signs are poorly sculpted! Look, the scratched chasing you perform, and compare so that! He yelled asking sheet on the table.
– Master, we already have the sheets.
– Then, use them, donkeys!
– Master, my Lo Shu is not finished! Replied the man kissing the head.
– Donkeys! Some unable! That’s what you are! (…)
(…) The Gokenin paralyzed did not understand what he saw. It was the first time that the mirror referred him to such images. (…) Then he saw a foreign girl, brandishing a sword, which seemed unnoticed by others. (…)
Behind them, stood two beings filthy faces. Two kappas, monsters dressed as soldiers armed with swords!” (…)

The rest of the publication is on the site of tales: Fortunalia. Book of Magical Tales.

Thank you for your fidelity and Happy Holidays.

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