Nice Resurrection. New Song

Dear readers,

Here is a new song n°7, the Sherley Sherly series. The lyric song is called: “ Nice Resurrection.”

Pure Song

Miracle in the mirror
From my face
Miracle in the mirror
Time allowing a blast

Nice resurrection
Of my life

I leave a place
In vain passion
On a large maze
Unseemly diseases (…)

For several months
That destroyed me
With black thoughts
This crushed me  (…)

CHORUS (2 times)
Hey! Hey! Nice resurrection
Opening of my life,
Free energies
Release desires

Hey! Hey!
Nice resurrection!
Of my life!

Hey! Hey!
Nice resurrection!
Of my life! (…)

The rest of the song is in the website: Sherley Sherly

Thank you for your fidelity.

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  1. I Nominate you for the Parliament Award
    You do not have to accept the award, I have nominated you for support and time on my blogging journey so far.

  2. This is a nice piece of work, good job.

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