I kill my people, and my wife plays badminton: Poetic letter


“I loved my country, now ravaged by the blood

Children bruised, to innocent residents

Who wanted to laugh, grow and live?

Peacefully, in a happiness shared


My people suffer, and my wife plays…


I feign listen to the humanitarian organizations

I believe I’m immortal, and I want to control my people

Above the laws, I am a tyrant

I kill basely, for impose my ideas…


My people screaming, and my wife plays…”(…)


Dear readers, you will find the rest of poetic letter “I kill my people, and my wife plays badminton”in the site: 


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  1. Hi petrel41. Thank you very much for this award!
    I look at the rules soon. Your site is very interresting.
    Best greetings.

  2. Hi Joëlle, congratulations!

    I have nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award.

    The rules of that award are at


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