Hello world! … How goes?

Here, some new, during my vacation

I’m on vacation work, dear readers and friends, and yet, I write and work to organize new publications in September 2010.
I see there is almost a year ago, I opened this blog JoëlleWrites. Now I think it is time to share the different ways I organize my authorship.
I like writing fantasy stories, and stories to read to my family. I decided to share the magical stories, other readers, children, creating the site Fortunalia.Carnets Tales of magic.
You can discover three fantastic tales in full reading.
– Tale °1 Flora and the spell caster
– Tale °2 Sylvain and Oceane: the Elf of Light, love a Naiad.
– Tale °3 Helios and Mirella in the secrets of the favela of Santa Puerta.

In JoelleWrites, I could write my achievements, my projects embodiments in various fields of writing: The stories, the series.
So for this second post after the “Hello world” of about a year ago, I will continue by one … “How are you?
I’ll take the time to write here, the progress of my writings, which are also obstacles on the path of writing. Some scenes are easy to write and others take time. However creativity works. I think it was essential
make a healthy development of my work in opening this blog.
Here is information on the topic of stories: Fortunalia. Travel Tales Magic. I begin with the stories because it is an activity that fascinates me since my teens.
And I have reserved for the start of September a new reading of a story reserved for editing.

It titled, « Zahera, the little gypsy in the Kingdom of the Chakra.»
(Partial publication)
From September to December 10, you can read the first 7 chapters, which will published on the site, preview, because this fantastic tale is for the edition.
I keep the frame of the next tale, which will published in full as of December 2010.
The prophecies of the dreaded Mage Delonix. (Working Title)
(Full publication)

Writing stories are very good ways. Cheers for description of the series film Ti-Coeur Angel and Sherley Sherly.

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