Sherley Sherly. Article 7 Think up Zen: Settlement of account

Hi. You can read a new article n°7 called: Settlement of account

Article 7: Think up Zen. Settlement of account

Here is an extract:

The wesseur, Fabrice Garden actively working in his caravan. The extension of the compartment had given him more space. (…) Happy as a fish in the water, he had arranged compartments transparentabilité macro BS. (…) It is thanks to the support of Akio when they now both excelled in this area. (…)

But he had a lot of ambition and was happy to have been contacted by a large body of laboratory scientific research. (…) He put the lotion in his caravan when noise had sounded an hour before it was now present. He had not pay attention and now it intrigued him.
Garden did not understand where it originated, since he knew by heart all the sounds of his laboratory. He searched every nook, and then out of his caravan. He walked the garden path and passed near the ruins of the house (…) the signal was beginning to emerge. (…)

Following the publication article 7 of the scenario 3: “Sherley Sherly & the Lydia of Gold Price”, in the site:

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  1. Very intriguing — thank you for sharing. Also, thank you so much for stopping by Travel Oops! Cheers, Steph

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