The vigil of Pa Angel No.2. “The strange shaman”

Dear readers, the writings of the fantasy series Ti-Coeur Angel have resumed with the result of the vigil No. 2 entitled:

“The incredible command of Raoul Brodequin over Vichy”.

Here is an extract:

“Honorine Brodequin looked into a large order book and turned several pages. A year passed, two, three.

– Well, said the woman, placing his finger on a page. It is after your return from the incident, I received an order made several boxes of buttons and zippers. 365 boxes, I remember. I sent them, and guess it was the destination?

– Elfimaur! Cried Firmin seeing a point on the map, which was listed an island, very steep. It is strange that the only name listed in red is that of Elfimaur. The island is very steep, in danger in the site.”
Thank you for your loyalty

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