Prologue scenario 3. Sherley Sherly

Hi. This is the prologue of:

“Sherley Sherly and the Lydia of Gold Price”

“ Philipe Lexington did not understand why the Professor Aaron Khatib, of the University called the Duodécale, in  Marcyvilliers, of which he was one of the assistants, insisted saying:

– Philipe, with a gun,  you will always stay in the mirror, otherwise it will be a disaster. And is most importantly, do not separate you of the mirror.

Thus, in strict accordance with the orders of the old fool, he returned to the bathroom and placed the mirror facet on a chair in front of the tub. He found that his nose was bleeding because droplets of blood flowed into the water. The tub fills, and he closed the tap. He becomes anxious, thinking about issues. He picked cotton and leaned his head back …”

You can read the result of this extract from the site: Prologue Scenario 3

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