In the series Ti-Coeur Angel, reading the “Chef’s Surprise”

Dear Readers,

Here is the following of Chapter 4 of Volume IV of the series Ti-Heart Angel entitled the “Chef’s Surprise”:

“The Workshop of Thymothy was for The Little Hands of his studio, the opportunity to make better known in Martinique, and in the surrounding islands. Sinter Augustine had placed much hope in his apprentices, as the Golden Thimble had confirmed in his choice. (See the Volume II)

Installed at the front of the bus, she turned from time to time to watch his students. Sometimes she got up to roam the middle row. Some apprentices were playing cards, while others outlined their new costumes on sheets of paper. They were unaware of the work awaiting them on arrival. After the competition, two will return to their parents sooner than expected.”

You can read the chapter of this series fantastic, in the site:


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