After the summer holidays, news publications…

Hi Dear readers and friends, I’m revitalized and with full of positive energy, dear loyal readers and friends, and you will soon find the sites, dates in new calendars of publications in the series and fantastic tales, at the beginning of September 11.
Thus, in the series Sherley Sherly you will find another publication on

The Think up Zen

“It is a city in the Norwegian Arctic.
– You said near the name?
– Yes, it is nicknamed “the Paris of the North” (…) Edvard Hamsun, the head of this project, had set an appointment for 14 hours. I had to be present according to his instructions. I thought it was 14 hours, but waiting for me at 2 am.
– They worked at night?
– Yes, the site manager, called me urgently because I had to come before the sunrise. He said he had my name on an ideogram and a timer, which seems to show you it no good. In addition, one of his men remained glued to the walls like, and he was more evil. (…) When I removed my hand, that’s what they had.
He showed the palm of his right hand.
– Nothing? Had noticed, Soleily Del Amontes.
Ryōchōmei Akio went to the scanner and placed his hand (…) ”
You can read from the end of September, following extract from scenario 2, entitled

Sherley Sherly and the Seven Wonders of the World

, which is being written, with new songs.
See you soon. Thanks for your messages and your loyalty.

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