The vigil of Pa ANGEL No.2. Series Ti-Coeur ANGEL.

Dear readers,
You can now read the first chapters of the new fantastic vigil:
“The incredible command of Raoul Brodequin over Vichy”.
(Working Title)
It takes place in the Caribbean islands during the Second World War.
Here’s an excerpt:
– “And the children call me Pa Angel!
– Well, they are impressed by the place, “said Man Angel peeling peanuts and she spent the guests excited to taste it.
– While not for long, because I’ll tell you the adventures of Raoul little shoemaker, and his father Brodequin Firmin, who were to deliver orders, during the Second World War.
– This will scare? Asked one boy.
– If you do not fear the living dead … Y-é-Cric! Pa Angel cried suddenly swing.
– Then he took two sticks of wood laid on the ti-bwa, drum bèlè concealed by a fern and struck heavy blows.
Children were startled and several guests too (…). ”

Thank you for your loyalty

Latest news: The vigil No. 2, “The incredible command of Raoul Brodequin over Vichy”, which is being written, for editing or animation film. You can read exceptionally the first five chapters.

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