TALE n°2 Sylvain and Oceane: the Elf of Light, love a Naiad.

Here is the presentation, of the second fantastic tale.

I like writing stories of this kind, when beings meet strange creatures (dangerous trolls, elves, and nymphs) for to have them, maybe, already met …
“Once upon a time “, it is as it that the begin most of the tales, but not those whom I wrote. I do not know why. They could nevertheless begin with these pleasant words.

The second tale, which you will discover, in complete reading, on the site: Fortunalia. Book of the Magical Tales, entitled: Sylvain and Oceane: the Elf of Light, the lover of a Naiad.
It is the story of lovers who will have to fight themselves, for their love. They live nevertheless into different universes.

Indeed, Sylvain Hellig, the Prince of Elves of Light, has to succeed his father, Diandor Hellig, king of majestic Kingdom of Golden lights. However, the young man decided to defy the ancestral ceremonies, because he wants to get married secretly with a beautiful naiad named Oceane Hannah.

The naiad, who she lives the Kingdom of the Cascades, possesses a mysterious, and dangerous power, which, will at any time, fatal to her future husband.
Can we love a woman, who a moment to another, can make you switch from life to death?
Sylvain and Oceane, are there, really made for each other, and, in spite of all?

Some challenges will succeed…
You can read from now on this fantastic tale, to entertain you, to tell it to the children and to your close relations.
It will entail you in a fantastic universe, filled of creatures, strange and fascinating.

Site: Fortunalia. Book of Magical Tales.

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